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The Owners Association of Harmony (OAH) was established to own, operate and protect community based amenities and to maintain a higher standard of maintenance  over what a municipality can provide for public spaces.

The OAH serves many vital functions in the community. These include:
Management and maintenance of the community’s amenities and physical features that go above and beyond what Rocky View County will provide, including, but not limited to, entrance signage, parks, ponds, boulevard landscaping, Harmony lake and it’s pathways and any OAH buildings such as the beach club.

The OAH is also an important means of building community pride and unity amongst residents. Active involvement in the OAH is an excellent way to meet fellow homeowners, and a rare opportunity to help shape the community’s future through planning and input. Stay tuned for future notices from the OAH requiring your involvement.

Registered as a non-profit organization under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, the OAH will manage all community amenities through  meaningful input and guidance for future care, maintenance and development of your community. This may include area beautification projects, superior levels of care, new community amenities and organized events. Presently, and until the community reaches its full development potential and is financially sustainable; the OAH is managed by the developer until the OAH is transferred to the residents of Harmony.


What's Happening!

Phase 3 Reopening:

Amendment Effective July 22 , 2020
Hours of operation limited to: Monday—Sunday 9am—9pm
(Hours will be Weather Dependent)

The Lake and South Beach Area:

The OAH has been monitoring our park capacities and working closely with AHS and all regulatory bodies, we are happy to announce that starting Wednesday July 22 2020 we will be allowing guests.
Below are some key things to highlight:
– OAH residents are permitted to bring a maximum of two (2) guests per household
– Guest is defined as anyone who is a non-resident regardless of age
– Guests must arrive and leave with residents
– Guests are permitted on Monday – Friday only (due to the park capacities on the weekends, we are reserving those days for residents only to give them more opportunities for accessibility)
– No guests permitted on Stat Holidays
– Park maximum capacity is 200 and please respect the 3 hour time limit during high use times
– We still encourage residents to socialize with their Harmony cohort family due to the limited spaces on the beach.
As always, these conditions are subject to change with little to no notice if AHS determines we need to alter our operations.

Swimming is permitted in designated areas.

Please click here for full Phase 3 reopening plan.

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Updates are being posted on our News page, so remember to check it frequently!

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