Who is responsible for the Adventure Park area?

The Developer (HDI) is responsible for constructing the Adventure Park amenities as seen in the available renderings. The future stage shown on the rendering will also be completed by HDI with exception of the building needed for bathroom/change facility/etc., which will be installed and funded by the OAH through the Special Amenity Fund. A timeline for the future work has not yet been determined. 

The Adventure Park will ultimately be turned over to the OAH in time, once the facilities are fully constructed.

The OAH will operate and maintain the Adventure Park on behalf of the Developer, with the ultimate access being restricted to members of the OAH only.  Once controlled access is establish, public access may be permitted for a fee. The fee will be established by the OAH.


What is the update on the Adventure Park?

The Developer has confirmed that the Adventure Park will be constructed in stages. Stage 1 construction is now complete, with areas such as the skating ribbon, temporary ice rink, toboggan hill, dog park, climbing wall, pump track and skatepark area. The ninja course should be complete by late Summer of 2022.

Construction of Stage 2 of the Adventure Park has not been determined at this time. A concept plan of the Adventure Park is on the OAH website for reference.

The Adventure Park will eventually be fully fenced, with controlled access for the OAH membership. Public access and public access fees for the Adventure Park in the future, will be evaluated by the OAH and addressed at a later date.


When will the Adventure Park fencing be put up?

The Developer has advised that Stage 1 of the Adventure Park does not include a barrier or fence to control access to the facilities.

However, the OAH has arranged for alternative access control for Stage 1 which includes OAH personnel and Sentinel Security providing spot checks on park users to ensure they have their OAH Membership cards. 

Users without their OAH membership cards will be asked to leave park.

Will there be a Hockey Rink? Will it be maintained? Will there be lighting of the park?

Refer to the Adventure Zone Concept Plan on the web site.

The temporary hockey rink that was previously on the West side of the community in Phase 7 has been moved to the Adventure Park. This rink will be maintained in the same fashion as before, with Wilco clearing significant snow falls, and flooding on a regular basis. Please contact admin@harmonyowners.com with any concerns.

The Developer has advised that Stage 1 of the adventure Park does not include any permanent lighting, but will include temporary lighting for the skating rink only. Temporary lighting for the skating ribbon is also being reviewed but is likely not possible yet. Stage 2 of the Adventure Park will contain the permanent lighting system for the full park.


What are the plans for parking?

Refer to the Adventure Zone Concept Plan on the web site.

The Developer has advised that the Adventure Park has been designed with 2 parking lots. The first one with phase 1 is expected to have approximately 50 stalls and a drop off area near the dog park.

The second lot is in phase 2 and is anticipated to have approximately parking 100 stalls and will have a drop off area.

Will there be tennis courts in the Adventure Park?

Refer to the Adventure Zone Concept Plan on the web site.

The Developer has advised that Tennis courts are not planned at the Adventure Park at this time. There are Tennis courts and pickle ball courts planned in future stages of the community development. Another survey will be sent out to the OAH members in the coming months asking the membership if there are any additional items that should be considered for OAH amenities.

When are baseball diamonds, soccer fields or other amenities going to be developed?

The Developer has advised that Base Amenities for Harmony include parks, pathways, and open green spaces, and are generally constructed with each new phase built.  For example, Completed phases have a series of trails, open spaces, wetlands, Paintbrush Park,  and Sunset Cove Park which can be used by all residents of Harmony to enjoy.

Additional Base amenities will be added with future work programs in Phases 11-14 and will include additional walking and trails, and open spaces. As the development progresses, additional sports fields and other amenities will come online.

Please let the OAH know if here are specific amenities you would like to be considered in the future by emailing admin@harmonyowners.com.    

When is the next community park/play structure planned to begin construction? Is accessibility being considered for the next park?

Sunset Cove Park in phase 10 is complete and we have taken steps to incorporate a more accessible playground in future phases.

For future play structures in Harmony accessibility will be considered and incorporated if possible. If a resident has ideas they would like to share, please contact admin@harmonyowners.com.


Could there be some benches and waste bins put along the pathway on Copithorne Trail?

The OAH has reached out to Rocky View County with regards to the installation of benches or bins (furniture) along Copithorne Trail. Rocky View County advised that they will not permit furniture to be installed within Road Rights-of-Ways. However, there are a few locations along the North portion of Copithorne Trail where the pathways are not within Road Rights-of-Ways. The OAH will review these options. 

Why are the grasses left to grow long in the green web areas?

The Developer has confirmed that the intent for Harmony’s green web is a multi-purpose system. Over and above the use and enjoyment of the space, the green web acts as a transition between Urban and Rural areas (hence the natural, non-manicured look), and storm water conveyance, storage and pre-filtration prior to entering the lake.

Please refer to the web site landscaping plans that show the level of maintenance for Harmony’s open space systems. Click here


Who is responsible for the maintenance of the green web?

The OAH is responsible for the landscape maintenance of areas which are constructed and then turned over by the Developer to the OAH. The areas that have been turned over and are now maintained by the OAH, as well as the maintenance levels for the areas can be seen on the drawings in the OAH website.  Click here 

If there are concerns about the level of maintenance in the green web, please contact admin@harmonyowners.com. This will be assessed, with findings communicated back to the OAH membership.

Higher maintenance levels (i.e. more grass cutting, watering, etc.) means higher costs to the OAH, which in turn could result in an increase in fees. Alternatively, other services provided by the OAH may have to be cut back if the fees are to be maintained and higher landscape maintenance levels are desired.



What is the plan in regards to Amenity Development? 

Base Amenities are generally constructed by the Developer with each phase of the development.

Special Amenities are those that are above and beyond the Developer’s Base amenities.

The following information is a list of what “Base Amenities” and “Special Amenities” generally include:

“Base Amenities” – provided by the Developer and included:

  • community Pathways and trails
  • lake shoreline and beach amenities
  • Art in public areas
  • landscaped areas and irrigation systems (both public and OAH areas)
  • fencing, gates, entry monuments
  • water retention ponds, and overland drainage routes
  • play structures and sport fields (both public and OAH areas)
  • Adventure Park (non-building related)
  • Social Membership to Mickelson National Golf Club of Canada

“Special Amenities” – include Capital expenditures associations with:

  • Health and Wellness facility
  • Arts/Theatre facility
  • Community buildings
  • Recreational building and facilities
  • Beach Club building and facilities
  • Adventure Park enhancements and building related facilities

Details of what will be included in the Beach Club area are currently being finalized. We will communicate this out once we have confirmed details.

When will the permanent beach club area be available for use?

Construction of the permanent Beach Club has not been determined at this time although preliminary concepts are now complete and will be made available for membership viewing in due course. 

Your OAH anticipates that the Beach Club will commence with construction when Harmony reaches approximately 1,000 homes.  This is when the OAH can sustain the operation of the beach club facility through monthly membership fees. This timeline is likely 3+ years away, depending on home sales in Harmony.

Will the Beach Club or South Beach Club have a rental shop for paddle boards/paddle boats/other water equipment?

The South Beach now has rental/loaners vessels available for member use. They also have outdoor games such as bocce, cornhole, etc. 

Are there still plans to include a fitness centre? If so, will this be managed by a third-party?

As part of the overall needs for the community of Harmony, we have engaged an independent consultant to work with on assisting in confirming the viability of such a facility. Once complete, we will share this with you.  

Will the general public be allowed to use the beach club facilities?

Yes, the general public will be allowed to use the beach club facilities for a fee, as this was a condition of Harmony’s development approval with Rocky View County. The fee is yet to be established. General public access will only be permitted once the access control mechanisms such as scan card or staff monitoring are in place, as well as the beach club is constructed and fully operational.

Where does the funding come from to construct the Beach club area?

The beach club building is funded through the OAH Special Amenity fee ($4,000 per lot). This fund is intended to be used to construct other amenities like the building in the Beach Club, buildings in the Adventure Park and South Beach area, other community based enhancements, as well as future expansions to existing facilities. Expenditures from the Special Amenity fund are based on the feedback received from the membership.

A survey was completed by the OAH to determine what facilities the funds should go towards in 2018. Results of the survey are available on the OAH website. Another survey will be completed as more residents are added to the community.

Currently the Special Amenity fees collected equals $1,119,031 as of November 30, 2020, and are sitting in a segregated bank account from the OAH operations.  Funds in the Special Amenity account cannot be used to fund any of the OAH operations as these funds are for capital expenditures only. 

What is the plan for parking next the beach club?

The Beach Club area will have a small onsite parking lot and as well as overflow parking across the street, which is combined with the Adventure Park. 

Who owns the boat, and what is the purpose of having it?

The boat is owned by the OAH and its purpose is to be on hand for use by staff to provide water testing as required by the OAH, safety, and for maintenance purposes.

Will the south beach have a capacity limit?  If capacity is met, will the public be asked to leave if an owner arrives?

The south beach capacity is currently being evaluated. Once the limit is established, and capacity is reached, no further access will be permitted to the area until someone leaves. Access will be monitored by the South Beach staff. Access limits to the south beach area will be communicated to the membership once they are established.

Lake General


Please clarify when the Public will be allowed access and why?

The Developer has confirmed that as part of Harmony’s development approvals with Rocky View County, Harmony’s lake was to provide some sort of “public access”.  In order to comply with this approval, public access will only be available for a fee, which is established and controlled by the OAH.

Although some public access was available previously due to the infancy of the lake and the uncontrolled access to the south beach area, going forward the public will be prohibited from accessing the lake until full access control mechanisms are in place.  These control mechanisms include:

  • A barrier (i.e. fence, gated entry)
  • Controlled access points enabling a limited number of pay users only
  • Establishment of rules and regulations for general public access
  • Finalization of fees for general public access

For the 2023 season and beyond, with access controls in place for the south beach area, public access will be permitted for a fee, yet to be established by the OAH.  Once established this fee will be communicated to the membership.

What will the public access fees be used for?

General public access user fees will be used by the OAH to supplement ongoing OAH activities and operations, all determined by the Board of Directors of the OAH.

Can a resident opt–out of a portion of their OAH fees, due to access to the Public?

Residents cannot opt out of any portion of their OAH fees per the OAH Bylaws.

The Restrictive Covenant registered on the title for your property ensures that the Bylaws of the OAH are protected included the fees paid by that lot owner. 

Do the builders have access to Guest Passes for their prospective clients?

The Developer confirmed that they have provided the Harmony builders with 2 passes each for prospects to utilize, 1 time only.  These passes must be returned to the sales person who offered it, after use.

Future Residents are also granted access to the Lake upon payment of the Lake Access User Fees. Future residents are defined as those who have executed an agreement for purchase with one of the builders in Harmony, confirmed by that builder.

Will there be lifeguards?

No there are no lifeguards on duty at the lake. Refer to your OAH Membership Acknowledgment Form. You were provided this form from your builder and have access to the form on the OAH member’s website.  

Visitors who are with members should be familiar with the OAH Rules and Regulations. Lifejackets are strongly recommended.

Who is responsible for garbage collection / clean-up of the beach and lake shore?

Your OAH is responsible to maintain the beach area, including regularly scheduled garbage pickup. Your OAH has made arrangements with MNGCC to provide this service. 

Maintenance includes raking the sand, cleaning up debris, and garbage removal. If there are concerns with the level of service provided by the contractor, please contact the OAH Admin at admin@harmonyowners.com

When will the lake be stocked with fish?

The lake is currently stocked with approximately 3,000 Brown Trout. The OAH works with a consultant who monitors and assist with our fish stocking. Messaging on fishing Harmony regulations will be sent out to the membership once available.  Please see complete fishing rules and information. As of 2022, there are brooks, brown trout and tigers in the lake.

How is the OAH addressing the birds on the lake / beach?

The OAH cannot control wildlife visiting the lake area. However, the OAH are maintaining the beach area by raking it to remove fecal matter and will regularly deploy bear bangers to limit the number of geese on the lake. Other methods to deter geese may be considered in future.  Residents are asked to contact the OAH if you see any nests in the area. Additionally, the OAH and the Developer are working Orkin to address the bird issue on the lake.

The lake was originally planned as 140 acres, can you please clarify when development of the other 100 acres is slated to begin?

The Developer has advised that stripping and grading for Lake B is underway.  Construction will be a long process that happens in multiple phases over many years. However, completion is not anticipated for a number of years.

We have had many questions about bioswales. Please read this information sheet to understand more about bio swales. Map of Bioswales

When is the downtown district planned for development? If there is a population target that needs to be met before development, what is that target?

The Developer has confirmed that the downtown district is intended to be Harmony’s “Village Center”.  Development timing is based on commercial interest, the number of rooftops to meet sustainability, and is market-driven. The Developer cannot commit to a definitive timeline for any of the commercial uses within the Village Center.

What is the plan for the farmland along the south border of Harmony? 

The land south of Harmony is owned by the Munro family and the OAH and the Developer are unaware of their development plans at this time.  

Are there any plans for using Solar Energy within the community? 

The Developer has confirmed that they did not plan for the inclusion of any solar energy facilities within Harmony at this time. As a resident, you have the option of adding solar panels to your home at any time.

When is the school expected to be built?

The Developer has advised that the timing of the school construction in Harmony will be dependent on the Rocky View County Schools funding and priorities. Questions about the school can be directed to the RVC Schools by calling 403-945-4010.


When do curbs and sidewalk get repaired? When will the rear garage aprons get patched to meet the lane? 

The Developer is responsible for all concrete and asphalt repairs after they are constructed until Rocky View County issues a final acceptance certificate for the work, which is typically 2 years after the work (concrete and asphalt) was initially placed.  If the concrete is a hazard, it is very important to let us know as soon as possible at admin@harmonyowners.com.

Is there a rule that notes when landscaping must be completed by?

There is a Restricted Covenant registered on title which references the landscape completion time frames. This time frame is generally set at a year, and is based on factors such as possession date, time of year, etc. For specific details, please refer to the Restricted Covenant on title or contact the OAH. Please see Landscaping quick facts her

Are fences covered by the AC Controls?

The appearance of any fences in Harmony are included in the Restrictive Covenant registered on the title of each lot to ensure that any new fence complies with the original intent of fences for the community.  If a fence does not comply with the restrictive covenant, please contact your OAH so that appropriate action can be initiated. Fencing guidelines

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the fences for lots that back onto greenspaces?

All fences that back onto a green space or open area, that are adjacent to a resident lot, are the responsibility of that resident.  This responsibility is outlined in the lot encumbrances for those properties that are affected. 


We live in the villas and are wondering if there will be fences built between the villas or only across the back?

Homeowners are responsible for fencing between properties and the ongoing maintenance of the rear yard fencing that back onto a lane or open space. Please refer to the Restrictive Covenant on your title for further details.   

Are there penalties assessed to builders for leaving a construction site a mess?

The Developer has advised that there are penalties for lots not being maintained by builders. This is monitored by a consultant on behalf of HDI. Should you have any concern about the state of any lot, please contact the OAH at admin@harmonyowners.com


Will Telus be providing service to Harmony?

The Developer has indicated that Telus is currently providing service to limited areas of Harmony. To check if your area is a Telus serviced are please contact Telus at www.telus.com.

What is happening with the Discovery Centre?

The Developer advised that the Discovery Centre “DC” was envisioned and then constructed by the Developer in 2015 as a sales and marketing tool to assist with the pioneering nature of Harmony. The Developer has now relocated the DC to the Adventure Park in a central location and will continue to utilize the facility for its originally intended purpose.


In addition, the Developer has allowed the OAH to use the DC for community-based events. Please contact the OAH if you are interested in utilizing the DC for events. 


Discussions are underway with the Developer regarding the long term use of the DC for OAH purposes.


Why are dogs not allowed in the lake or beach area?  What is the rationale behind this policy?

The rationale around this decision focuses on public health and safety (possible aggressive dogs or people with allergies) as well as the need to maintain our water quality (the lake is the community’s source of drinking water, as well as surface water for swimming). There is also the liability risk to the OAH should untrained dogs pose a safety concern with other users of the lake. This is a standard rule among all lake communities. Owners are asked to refer to the OAH Rules and Regulations and note the reasons why pets are not allowed in the water.

What about a segregated area in the lake for dogs to swim? 

This question was discussed at length with the OAH Board and it was confirmed that the current Rules and Regulations for dogs in the lake stand. No dogs will not be allowed to swim in the lake or be on the beach areas.

What is the golf structure going to be next to the driving range and what is the timing for the Club House?

(Answer provided by MNGCC)

At this time, a building has been completed just south of the permanent club house area, and east of Harmony Circle immediately next to the driving range. This building will have a dual purpose: it will serve as a temporary club house until the permanent one is constructed, and it will serve as a gathering area for the driving range.  It accommodates up to 100 people. More information about this building can be found here: https://www.mickelsonnational.com/launchpad/

The timing of the permanent club house is dependent on MNGCC construction. It will likely be complete in 2023.  

June 1, 2020 marked the opening of all 18 holes of MNGCC to the OAH membership and the public. Permanent access to this facility will be on a limited time basis only to be determined by MNGCC. 


What is the Social Membership and what does it include?

$15/month of your monthly OAH fee is allocated to the Social Membership of the MNGCC and will provide homeowners with the following benefits:

  • An initial complimentary round of golf for four (for initial owner only – not valid for resale homes) at the MNGCC in Harmony
  • Four Rounds of per year at MNGCC including guests for a reduced fee, when space permits, the reduced rate will be communicated to residents once it has been set by MNGCC
  • Priority access to purchase a MNGCC Premiere Membership if membership space is available, or priority placement on a waitlist for members
  • Unlimited additional rounds at select Windmill Golf Group properties at special resident rates which will be communicated to residents once it has been finalized by MNGCC
  • Access to MNGCC clubhouse, including restaurants, other dining facilities and access to banquet facilities for event bookings
  • Invitation to all MNGCC social events
  • Family-oriented events for Harmony residents only
  • On-account charging privileges
  • Unlimited driving range and practice facility access at discounted rates
  • Additional benefits as the OAH and Windmill Golf Group mutually agree upon from time to time

The $15/month portion of your OAH fee was held in trust by the OAH pending opening of the golf course in June 2020. These funds have now been released to MNGCC.

Will there be a kids golf program:

(Answer provided by MNGCC)

A Kids programs for golf at MNGCC will be evaluated in the future.


Will there be a collaboration with Edge School golf program?

(Answer provided by MNGCC)

Currently there is no collaboration with the Edge School. We are currently in the exploration phase.

Will residents be able to cross-country ski through the golf course after completion – during the winter of 2022/23?

At this time no.  However, we are working with MNGCC in evaluating opportunities for limited areas for cross country skiing on the golf course lands.  If available, further details will be communicated to the membership.

Is there going to be another golf course other than Mickelson slated to be built in Harmony?

The community of Harmony was envisioned to to have another 9 holes golf course on a portion of the lands east of Copithorne Trail, immediately adjacent to the Airport lands. These lands are currently zoned for golf course use and the agreements with MNGCC earmark these lands as a future golf course. The feasibility of building this golf course will be evaluated by MNGCC over the next 5-10 years.  

What is the relationship between the OAH and Mickelson Golf Course?

MNGCC provides a Social Membership to all members of the OAH. The Social Membership fee of $15/month is included in your monthly OAH fee and includes numerous benefits to MNGCC the outlined on the OAH website and in this document.

In addition, MNGCC provides landscape maintenance services for the OAH throughout the community on lands that the OAH are responsible for. OAH landscape maintenance areas are provided on the OAH website.

Are there any updates on the golf course social fee in our OAH fee for those who are Mickelson members? Will we be credited? Any update on what will happen with the fees all residents have already paid for the non-existent membership?

We have been advised by MNGCC that they will be providing a credit  to those members of MNGCC who are also members of the OAH. The value of the credit will be equal to the amount of the social membership portion of your OAH fees. This credit  can be redeemed for food and beverage, or retail purchases at MNGCC, or any other Windmill operated golf course facilities. (confirm with Windmill please). Credit  will be prorated based on OAH membership start dates. Please contact MNGCC for further information regarding your account balance.

Who owns the golf course?

The developer Harmony Developments Inc., owns the land for the golf course while Mickelson National Golf Club of Canada (MNGCC) through a Ground Lease and a leasehold title, owns and operates the golf course and associated facilities on the golf course lands. The agreements between the Developer and MNGCC includes a provision that allows MNGCC to acquire the golf course once a series of obligations are met.

I’ve heard that the golf course may go bankrupt.  What are the plans for the golf course and where are we at?

The financial arrangements with Mickelson National Golf Club of Canada (MNGCC) is such that the developer Harmony Developments Inc. has funded and backstopped its share of the major costs associated with the course’s construction. MNGCC has also funded certain elements of the golf course construction, ensuring that the course is built as originally designed.

MNGCC’s will undertake all operational aspects of the golf course when complete, and to provide the OAH membership with the numerous social benefits to this facility.  The social benefits have been previously communicated in this Q&A document and are posted on the OAH website for membership to access.

When will the water utility rate change from a flat fee to a usage-based fee?

The Developer has advised that the water and sewer rates remain at a flat fee until such time that the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) approves HAWSCo’s request for a rate application. 

Notices will be provided by HAWSCo to all residents of Harmony when the utility rates change.


What is the schedule for waste, recycling and organic pick up? In the winter, can organics schedule change to bi-weekly?

Weekly pickups are on Fridays between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Please be sure to place your carts out before 7 a.m. Organic pick up has been changed to a bi-weekly schedule for the winter, which began at the beginning of November. For details regarding Garbage, Waste and Recycling, please contact HAWSCo Customer Care at 1-855-942-9726 or customercare@hawsco.ca.

Why is the lake currently being aerated? 

The lake is the source of Harmony’s drinking water and aeration is necessary to ensure the quality of the water is high. Aeration is ongoing, but only occurs in the deep portion of the lake from which the water treatment plant is supplied with water. 


How self-sustaining is the lake? How often are we drawing water from the river?

The lake level is maintained by:

  1. Incoming storm water flows, and
  2. water piped from the Bow River.

During periods of dry weather, the lake will need to be supplemented with water from the Bow River.  All of the above is closely monitored by HAWSCo, and adjustments to the lake level is ongoing.  


City of Calgary provides a small compost bin to go along with the Green Cart. Can Corix provide such bins?

HAWSCo has not purchased any home use bins, however most home improvement stores have them available for purchase.

Who controls the OAH Board and how are decisions made by the Board?

The OAH is governed by a Board of Directors currently set at 10, that are currently Developer nominated and elected positions. The Board is tasked with managing the affairs of the OAH within the Bylaws of the Association. The Board generally meets quarterly to review and decide on the direction of the OAH. 

A list of the current OAH Board members is posted on the OAH website.

Decisions by the Board are by majority of those present at the meeting, subject to achieving a meeting quorum. 

In order to improve Board governance and transparency to the membership, the Board includes two Harmony resident members. 

Those interested in being a member of the Board are asked to submit their resume to admin@harmonyowners.com for consideration for future openings.

Are all lots in Harmony paying OAH fees now?  Is the developer paying for the unsold lots? When do they project that the OAH will separate from the developer?

The OAH has confirmed that only lots that have been occupied by residents and use OAH facilities, as well as showhomes that have been purchased by a third party are, paying their OAH fees.

The Developer has confirmed that builders Spec homes and showhomes are provided with a grace period that exempts them from immediately paying their OAH fees. The grace period for Spec homes ends once a home becomes occupied, while the grace period for showhomes ends once the showhome ceases to operate as a showhome.

The Developer does not pay OAH fees for unsold lots as there are no residents in these lots that use OAH facilities. However, the Developer has agreed to cover any operating shortfalls of OAH on an ongoing basis.

Currently, the OAH Board is under the control of the Developer.

The Developer has confirmed that it will turn over the OAH to the residents of Harmony once the community is substantially built out (10+ years) and the OAH is sustainable financially into the future.  


How are things paid back to the developer from the OAH?

For ongoing OAH operations, the OAH pays for this through the collection monthly OAH membership dues.  The Developer has agreed to cover any OAH operating shortfalls at this time. 

For Base Amenities, these are generally constructed and funded by the Developer, and when complete, operated by the OAH.  These facilities are ultimately turned over to the OAH by the Developer per the Rocky View County guidelines, at the Developer’s discretion.

For Special Amenities, constructed by the Developer on behalf of the OAH, or the OAH directly, these are funded by the OAH through the Special Amenities fees that have been collected from the membership. 


How do we book the fire pit? 

Fire pits are booked by filling out and returning the fire pit waiver & request form to admin@harmonyowners@com. 


How do we get in touch with the OAH and/or Developer

Emails for the OAH can be sent to the admin@harmonyowners.com.

Emails for the Harmony Developments Inc. can be sent to the customercare@qualicocommunities.com


Where can I find the financial statements for the OAH?

After the audited financial statements are finalized and signed off by the Board of Directors, they are posted on the Members portal under Financials on harmonyowners.com.

What is the breakdown of how our fees are spent?

An infographic on how the fees are spent is posted on the Harmony member’s website.

Details of the previous year’s expenditures are included in the year-end Financial Statement for the OAH which are posted on the Harmony member’s website.

What is the status of the Special Amenities fees? (OAH – Brian)

Current total is $1,119,031 as of November 30th, 2020.

Fees are sitting in a segregated bank account that will only be used for capital expenditures of the OAH as approved by the Board.

The following information is a list of what “Base Amenities” and “Special Amenities” fees generally include:

“Base Amenities” – provided by the developer and included:

  • community Pathways and trails
  • lake shoreline and beach amenities
  • Art in public areas
  • landscaped areas and irrigation systems (both public and OAH areas)
  • fencing, gates, entry monuments
  • water retention ponds, and overland drainage routes
  • play structures and sport fields (both public and OAH areas)
  • Adventure Park (non-building related)
  • Social Membership to Mickelson National Golf Club of Canada

“Special Amenities” – include Capital expenditures associations with:

  • Health and Wellness facility
  • Arts/Theatre facility
  • Community buildings
  • Recreational building and facilities
  • Beach Club building and facilities
  • Adventure Park enhancements and building related facilities

Clarification from the OAH and Complaints of trailers remaining on the street, and in driveways.

Your OAH is responsible for administering the Association’s Bylaws. This would include requests, points of clarification, and providing direction regarding queries related to onsite trailer storage within the community. Trailer Screening Guidelines 

Specific concerns regarding individual lots will be reviewed and addressed on a case by case basis by the OAH.

In the event you see a trailer parked improperly on public property, or unsafely (i.e. roadway or lane), please contact Rocky View County Bylaw infraction for enforcement at the link: https://www.rockyview.ca/report-a-bylaw-enforcement-issue

Is there a set construction start/stop time?

Rocky View County has a noise bylaw.

Specifically, the noise by-law is in effect from 7am – 10pm weekdays, and from 9am – 10pm on weekends. If you notice work that takes place outside of the designated work times, please contact Rocky View County.


What are the rules around weeds?

Excessive weed growth in all areas of Harmony fall under the Rocky View County By-laws. Each Homeowner is responsible for their property. Please report excessive weed growth to Rocky View County By-law enforcement officers.


Can there be more speed signage to reduce/enforce speeding on the Harmony roadways?

Speeding on roadways is an ongoing issue in all areas of Rocky View County, not just Harmony. If speeding is witnessed by a resident, it is recommended that information from the speeder be taken and reported to the RCMP for further action. 

The Developer has implemented protocols and procedures with their builders and contractors regarding the safe operation of vehicles when in use in the Harmony project. This includes speeding.  If speeding is witnessed by a resident try to obtain the vehicle make, color, signage, and license plate if possible, and submit to the developer for further action. The Developer will ask Rocky View County for more speed signage in the community.

Is there a contact person at the County that can be used to voice residents’ concerns?

The best person to contact regarding concerns would be Don Kochan, Mayor/Councilor for Division 2 RVC. DKochan@rockyview.ca




How has Harmony been designed to safely accommodate the Springbank Airport?


Working in consultation with Transport Canada, Harmony has been designed to be airport-compatible in the following ways:


  • There are currently no residential homes built within the takeoff and landing lines of the airport runways, nor will there be in future.
  • We have not only met, but we have exceeded NEF Contour regulations for noise.
  • The Mickelson National Golf and Country Club, the business campus areas of Harmony, and the open green space and berms, were purposefully positioned to provide a buffer and a transitional space between residential areas and airport lands.
  • Homes are required to be built using triple-paned windows and resilience channeling, which not only helps to buffer aircraft noise, it also improves your home’s energy efficiency.
  • You must sign a restrictive covenant airport acknowledgement when closing with your builder.
  • You also must sign a Member Acknowledgment form, which notes airport proximity and potential noise concerns.

How close to homes do the airplanes fly?

  • Flight patterns used by fixed wing aircraft in YBW include arrivals, departures, and circuit training. In this link you will find diagrams showing typical fixed wing training circuits, utilizing both runways.

What are the future growth plans for the Springbank Airport?

  • Improvements and expansions to YBW since 1997 have ensured that the airport is delivering on its mandate to advance economic and community development, as the operating surfaces and land development at the airport have grown to meet demand.
  • Springbank Airport facilities will be expanded when required, to meet the anticipated future growth in aircraft traffic at the airport, primarily through the addition of a new runway and related taxiways. For a full summary of plans, please visit ca.

What can we do about plane noise levels?

  • The Calgary Airport Authority, as manager and operator of the Springbank Airport, is actively engaged in discussions regarding noise with the communities surrounding YBW.
  • Noise-related questions or concerns are encouraged to be brought forward via the Noise Concern Hotline. This allows them to address any immediate concerns and to help improve our airport noise management strategies.
  • For more information on noise at YBW, please visit their ca to access the Springbank Airport’s Noise Management Brochure and Springbank Airport Community Noise Study, conducted in 2018.

Who can we contact for issues with the airport?

When are pathways cleared of snow?

The pathways in Harmony were originally not intended to be cleared during winter, similar to other communities. However, after many requests from the membership, snow clearing was added to the OAH list of services. The pathways which are cleared by the OAH, and can be seen here.

If there are concerns about the level of snow clearing, then this will be reassessed, with the findings communicated back to the OAH membership. Please understand that higher maintenance levels means higher costs to the OAH, or an increase in fees to maintain the level of service sought. Alternatively, other services provided by the OAH will have to be cut back if the fees are to be maintained.

Why are not all paths being snow plowed? Specifically heading out to the Harmony sign on the main road.

Snow removal is being completed per the plan posted on the OAH website.  This work has been contracted to a third party. If there are additional areas that residents would like to have cleared, please provide the location information to the OAH, and we will have the area added on to the work program if it is economically feasible to do so.

Is it possible for snow removal crew to remove snow in a manner that will keep the front of driveways clear of snow?

No. The Developer has advised that the primary objective for snow clearing is to keep the roads drivable for cars, emergency vehicles, garbage trucks, etc. in accordance with Rocky View County standards. 

Unfortunately, after heavier snowfall events, snow clearing may result in an accumulation of snow in front of driveways.  This cannot be avoided.  We remind you that it is your responsibility as a homeowner to keep your sidewalk and driveway clear per Rocky View County Bylaws. 

Road way snow removal responsibility can be seen here.

What is the timeframe for development of the town square? What are the potential vendors’ (for example, is there a wine shop- we had expressed interest in opening one:)? What leasing opportunites will be available for small businesses in the Town Centre?

Plans for the Village Centre are currently being evaluated, which includes type, form and long term sustainability of this area. At this time, we believe that the initial stage of development is some 4 – 7 years away, at which time potential leasing opportunities for retail users will be available